Level 55 on Candy Crush is one of the most intimidating boards you would have faced up to this point. On this level you have one goal and one goal only: get the cherry ingredient to the bottom. In the way stand a board full of whip cream pieces and multiple rows of cages at the bottom. Did we mention you only have 15 levels to complete the task?

So how do you beat this level?

Although the setup looks impossible in this level, it's probably a little easier than you think. There are only 4 colored candies present on the board (purple is excluded), meaning that there will be a much greater chance of natural matches, and opportunities to make special candy combinations.

One of the keys to this board is to always ensure that a move is either:
1) Creating a special candy combination (striped candy, candy packet, candy bomb), or
2) Taking out whip cream pieces

Stated more bluntly, there's not enough moves on this level to waste on activities that aren't opening up the board so the ingredients can go down to the bottom.

Creating special candy combinations is probably more important than you think. Once you clear the whip cream all the way to the cages, you're likely not going to have enough moves left to get rid of the cages, and even if you did, it's unlikely that the pieces would be lined up perfectly for you to do so. Therefore, the earlier you can create these combinations that wipe out cages, the easier of a time you'll have at the end when you're ingredient is nearing the bottom.


You will win if: You combine 2 candy packets or a candy packet and striped candy
Look out for: 15 moves will go sooner than you think!