One of our favorite places to eat is Great Wall of China in Plainfield IL. We have been going there for about four years ever since we moved to the area. They have everything that I think is necessary to have a good meal out. Great food, great service, comfortable seating and reasonable prices.

We always ask for a booth, but they have table seating as well. They have three booths in the main seating area, and about six more off to the back. When we are seated they bring us out a basket of complimentary crispy fried wontons.

+Chinesefood +Dinner Tonight my husband ordered Beef Peppersteak, and I got Hong Sue Chicken. We also ordered two egg rolls. They have some really neat serving trays for their appetizers. The eggrolls come out in a little boat. If you have a big appetite they have bigger platters. The two eggrolls are plenty for us.

I love that Great Wall of China in Plainfield offers brown rice or white. I try to eat whole grains when ever possible so this is helpful. They will even make fried rice with brown rice. I do love their Chicken Fried Rice but tonight I just got the plain brown rice that comes with the dinner.

You can get some pretty neat drinks at Great Wall of China but we just had water with our meal tonight. If you want to see their menu check it out on their website:

After dinner they always bring you fortune cookies. It is a nice touch and a little something sweet without having a huge dessert. For our two meals pictures plus the eggrolls our bill came to about $18

I highly recommend Great Wall of China, it is located on the north west corner of 135th and Rt 59 at 13400 S. Rt.59 Unit 112, Plainfield, IL 60585 in the same plaza with Jewel Foods. Here is their telephone number 815-609-3838

Great Wall of China in Plainfield also offers pick up and delivery.

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