Level 53 on Candy Crush is similar to level 52, but with a twist. Instead of the chocolates lining the bottom of the board, they line the bottom walls, behind a row of 4 cages. On top of this, the board is narrow in the middle, with two pieces missing from each side of the board. You have 50 moves to get by the cages and chocolates and clear the 8 jellies

So how do you beat this level?

Unlike the previous level, in 53 you need to go after the cages first. This may not be easy depending on your board setup, and you may have to waste a few moves to remove a single cage. You should take out whatever cages you can, either on the right or left side as you may regret not clearing one when you had the chance

Once you start removing the cages, the chocolate is going to start growing out, so it's vital that you start removing that as well right away. The chocolates are likely going to have grown over some of the jellies, but if you let it spread too far, you're likely not going to win.

Using special candy combinations is not necessarily required to beat this level, but it certainly won't hurt. Striped candies can take out a whole row of chocolates in 1 moves, saving you a lot of time and effort. You only have to clear 8 chocolates in 50 moves, so as long as you don't take too much time on the chocolates, you should be in pretty good shape.


You will win if: The chocolates don't take over your board
Look out for: Remember that the purpose of this level is to clear the jellies. If you only have a couple left, leave the chocolates alone and finish the task!