Level 52 on Candy Crush escalates the chocolate challenge that you just faced on 51. On this board, you have a row of chocolates, a row of whip cream, and a row of caged candies. There are jellies in the cages, and the goal of the board is to clear all of the jellies in 50 moves.

So how do you beat this level?

First, you need to take out the chocolates at all costs. As we discussed in the previous post, chocolates can easily take over your board, and while 50 moves seems like a lot, you can easily waste 15-20 just trying to eliminate chocolates that are out of control.

Next, look to see if you have any easy matches with the caged candies. Since you typically won't have that many, you need to focus on either getting the right candies to the bottom, or creating the right special candy combinations to free the caged candies. On this board, special candy combinations will help, but aren't essential to winning.

The most difficult part of this board is going to be clearing the jellies from the corners. If you have your choice, go after these pieces first as you don't want to be stuck near the end of your moves trying to frantically make a match in the lower corner.


You will win if: You don't waste too many moves with the chocolates and are able to take out the corner jellies
Look out for: Don't forget the order of importance = Chocolates > Cages > Jellies