Level 51 on Candy Crush introduces you to one of the most persistent challenges in the game: the chocolates. Chocolates will take over your board if you don't take them out first, and in level 51 you'll find 18 chocolates and a layer of whip cream standing besides you and all of the jellies you need to take out in 35 moves.

So how do you beat this level?

As this is your first board with the chocolates, it's hard to overstate how easily they can ruin your round. Chocolates will cover a candy space for each time you do not take out a chocolate, and could end up covering a HUGE part of your board if you don't go after them early. You take out a chocolate by making a candy combination on any candy that is touching a chocolate.

Because of this, we recommend that you go after the chocolates from the very start, and don't stop till they're all gone. It'll take a turn or two to get by the whip cream, so by the time you get to the chocolates, you would have seen them take over a couple spaces already. You need to learn to control chocolate growth if you've ever going to beat some of the levels later on.

While you're taking out the chocolates, keep your eye out for making special candy combinations. A candy packet could take out 5-7 chocolates in one move, and would really be a powerful tool to fight them off. Vertical striped candy would also be a really helpful tool for taking out a row of chocolates.

Once you get by the chocolates, the rest of the board is pretty standard, and should not give you a ton of trouble (as long as you've left yourself plenty of moves).


You will win if: You control the chocolate spaces and take them out with >10 moves left
Look out for: If you ignore the chocolates, you're going to be in loads of trouble