Level 50 on Candy Crush is one of those annoying boards that you just can't wait to get past. In this level, you are faced with 17 caged spaces, each containing a double jelly. There are also 16 double jellies on the outskirts of the cages, and 4 empty spaces on the board where no candies can go. You have 50 moves to get by all of the trickery this level brings.

So how do you beat this level?

The obvious response here is that you need to go after the cages. Do not worry about the jellies on the outskirts at first as there will not always be ways to take out the cages, and you're going to have to likely use moves on non-cage clearing activity at some point during the round.

The 2nd thing that you should focus on is creating special candy combinations. On this board, the striped candies or candy packets would each do a lot of damage. If you manage to combine them, you could clear 1/3 of the jellies in a single move.

Once the cages are gone, you're going to have to pick the jellies off one at a time. You may have to use a move to take out a single jelly in a lot of cases, and if you have a move that will take out 2 or 3 jellies you should take it. Focus on the candies near the bottom and in the middle first, as these will be the most difficult to clear. After you get down to your last 5-7 candies, watch your moves really closely as they will run out before you know it!


You will win if: You pick off the jellies diligently without wasting too many moves
Look out for: The spaces in the middle will throw off the flow of the board and it will be difficult to clear the jellies in this area