Level 46 on Candy Crush is one of the first level that takes you away from your comfort zone of having 40-50 moves to complete the board. In this level, you have 9 double jellies to clear in the middle of the board. Unfortunately for you, the jellies are in cages, and the entire setup is surrounded by whip cream pieces. Did we mention you have ONLY 15 moves to clear the jelly.

So how do you beat this level?

There are a few different ways to attack this board. You need to clear the whip cream as quickly as possible due to the lack of moves, and obviously the best way to get that done is to create special candy combinations. Vertical striped candy combinations or candy packets would work really well for clearing both whip cream and getting rid of a few cages.

Since special candy combinations are not always easy to create, your 2nd direction should be to take out the whip cream piece on the far left or far right of the board. This will open up 2 full rows and give you a better chance for combinations that take out 3 whip creams at a time or even special candy combinations!

Once you clear out enough whip cream to get to the cages, you need to take those out at all costs! The biggest thing working against you on this level is the number of moves you have, so treat each one like gold. In order to get by the board you're going to have to benefit from combinations that happen naturally after you make your move. If 4 or 5 combinations happen in a row on the same move, it could take out a lot of jellies!


You will win if: You create special candy combination after special candy combination
Look out for: If you've used 5-6 moves and aren't at the cages yet, you're toast