Goals: Get 40,000 points, remove all the jelly, do not allow bombs to detonate. Do this all in 35 moves or less and you complete the level.

The hardest part of this board is to get the side jellies; you are going to want to get the two bombs (they start at 9) off the board first but if you can line up a candy cluster bomb to take out the side jellies don't pass up the chance. This board deviates from the normal movements that you would try to make at the bottom of the screen to get the most jellies cleared. The center pieces are to the problem, it's the four side pieces that are going to have you thinking five or six moves ahead.

To clear the side bombs and jellies try to line up a horizontally striped candy, if you can get it on the same row you will save yourself a lot of time over trying to line up a cluster bomb. I like doing the combo with the wrapped and striped piece but you have to make sure that it is going to clear the rows that you need cleared. Thankfully there are no replicating pieces of chocolate on this level, that would make it almost impossible to get rid if the jelly and clear the bombs.

Photo courtesy of King Games