Level 45 on Candy Crush is another symmetrical masterpiece. The goal is to clear the 55 DOUBLE jellies on the board within 50 moves. On either end of the jellies are rows of 9 caged candies that contain no jellies. Sitting in the very middle of the board, surrounded by empty spaces, is one double jelly space that will need to be cleared.

So how do you beat this level?

Believe it or not, the key to this board is going to be going after the cages. Although they don't contain any jellies to clear, the significantly narrow the board, making combinations tougher, especially near the middle. If you clear some of the cages, it will open up the board, making combinations and special combinations easier to make.

The toughest part of this board (by far) is that jelly piece in the middle. There's only 3 ways to clear that jelly
1) Create a striped candy combination that lines up on the same row
2) Create a striped candy + candy packet combination that will wipe out a large portion of the board, including the middle
3) Create a candy bomb and use it on the same color candy as the candy in the middle

As you can see, there aren't many options for clearing this jelly, and you need to do it twice! Therefore, it's really important that you look for ways to clear out this jelly from move #1.

Overall, the more special candy combinations you make, the better, as they take out larger portions of the board.

You will win if: You clear some of the cages early in the round and make many special candy combinations
Look out for: Besides the middle candy, don't forget the jellies in the lower corner as these will be tough to clear