Level 42 in Candy Crush is another level where you need to bring all of the ingredients down to the bottom. In this case, you need to bring 2 onions and 2 cherries all the way down in 50 moves. On top of that, the 9 candies at the bottom of the board are caged and there are additional caged candies in a V shape on the board!

So how do you beat this level?

First, you need to target the caged candies. Do not even focus on the ingredients for now as they're only going to get in your way if you bring them near the cages. The reason you'll want to clear the cages is that all 4 ingredients do not come down all at once. Since you don't know which row they'll eventually come on, you'll want to clear as many cages as possible to make sure the path is clear.

After you've cleared a good portion of the cages, it's time to focus on the ingredients. Obviously the more candies you can clear on the rows with the ingredients the better, but the best thing you can do is create special striped candies that are vertical. These will take out the ENTIRE row and bring the ingredient to the bottom in 1 move. This is the easiest and most efficient way to win this level


You will win if: You clear the majority of the cages in your first 20 moves and continually create vertical special striped candies
Look out for: If your ingredient gets right on top of your cage it's going to be really difficult to clear