Looking at level 41 in Candy Crush you can't help but admire the symmetry. Unfortunately, you quickly start to notice how difficult this level could turn out to be. Besides the 9 caged candies in the middle, each corner has a cages candy with a jelly to clear. You need to clear the 29 jellies in 50 moves, forcing you to eventually get rid of all of the cages.

So how do you beat this level?

First, look at the corner caged jellies. These are going to be toughest to clear by far, so if you're able to do so in the first few moves, you should take advantage of that.

After doing this, focus on taking out the caged jellies in the middle. Once you take out these cages the board really opens up, so the sooner you do this the better. Although there are jellies all around the cages, you should ignore these for now as the cages are significantly more difficult to clear.

After you get rid of the middle, it's time to again focus on the corners. With the board open, you should be able to create some special candy combinations, and if you get a candy packet near the corner, it will easily do the trick of getting rid of the cage.

Also, if you combine a candy packet and striped candy, you could clear up to 3 corner cages in 1 shot!


You will win if: You get rid of the cages in the lower corners within your first 25 moves
Look out for: Don't underestimate how difficult the jellies in the upper corners will be to clear!