Being a Buzz Agent has its advantages. :)

This is from The Kroger Private Selection Upside Down Cakes.

I have been a Buzz-agent for a few years now and just a few weeks ago
I received in the mail, All For Free, coupons for a Free Apple Upside Down Cake.
I went to Kroger a few days ago and they had 'Amber Honey Apple Spice Up side down Cake and this is
the One I choose to do a Review on.

When I took it too the counter to check-out, I also gave her my Kroger card,
and when she scanned it, She said You got this Cake for FREE.
I smiled at her and said, Yes! I know, I then proceeded to tell her
that being a Buzz-agent is really nice.

No one was behind me in the check-out lane so I
proceeded to tell her what a Buzz agent was.
She seemed to enjoy me telling her about it.

The Cake was Wonderful. The Whole Family
enjoyed it a Great Deal.
It lasted for two Days and I was glad
to get a slice. :)

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