Throughout the levels in Candy Crush, the ones where you need to bring the ingredients down to the bottom are typically some of the toughest. Level 39 is no different as you need to bring 2 onions and 2 cherry pieces to the bottom of the board in 55 moves. On top of that, the bottom is covered in caged candies.

So how do you beat this level?

First, you need to take out the caged candies first. If the ingredients get down to the bottom and the cages are in the way, they won't be able to go through. Worse, once the ingredients are next to the cage, it's even tougher to free the caged candy since the ingredients are in the way.

Secondly, it is important again to make vertical striped candy combinations and line them up on the same row as the ingredients. The reason for this is once the vertical candy is used, it will take out all of the candies / cages in the row, and bring the ingredient all the way to the bottom. Better yet, if you have 2 ingredients in the same row, you can complete half of the level in 1 turn!

Whatever you do, don't waste turns on candies that are far away from the ingredients you're trying to bring to the bottom. The only goal of this level is to bring them down, so anything that's not helping that effort is a waste.


You will win if: You use vertical striped candy on the same row as your ingredients
Look out for: The cage in the middle is the toughest to clear - watch out that your ingredient does not get stuck on top of it.