Level 38 on Candy Crush Saga is presents a pretty specific challenge to all the crushers out there: Freeing the candies from the cages. This is no easy task as the candies in the cage can not be moved, and need to be matched with two of the same candies in order to be freed.

If this level you have 18 caged candies, 18 whip cream obstacles, and a whole lot of jelly to clear. All of the jellies need to be cleared to win the board and you must get ride of the cages and whip cream first in order to do so.

So how can you beat this level?

First of all, concentrate on creating vertical striped candy pieces. This is done by swiping a candy up or down into a match that combines FOUR of the same candies instead of the usual 3. Once the vertical striped candies are used, it will clear the entire row, including cages and whipped cream. You'll find that once a couple rows go away, it is much easier to get rid of the rest.

Secondly, try to clear the jellies in the corner first. These will be the toughest ones to get rid of, and if you wait till the end, you have a much greater chance of it not happening. Don't take moves clearing out the middle jellies that will likely be cleared out naturally.


You will win if: You are able to successfully take out 3-5 cages in your first few moves
Look out for: Wasting moves that don't clear jellies, remove cages, or eliminate whipped cream obstacles