Some women might get reminded of sparse eyelashes when they look at the mirror. The eyelashes become weak and sparse due to thinning caused by deficiency of essential nutrients.

The hair on our body has a cycle within which it falls out and new, healthy hair follicles replace them. You should not panic when eyelashes breaks and comes off on your fingertips while rubbing your eyes.

Other reasons for breakage of eyelashes is exerting the eyelashes while removing the eye make-up. Medical conditions like leprosy and thyroid can make the eyelashes thin and brittle. Let us now discuss about the effectiveness of olive oil for encouraging growth of eye brows & eyelashes.

How does olive oil promote fuller and thicker eyelashes?

1. To obtain naturally thicker and fuller eyelashes you need to include the following steps in your daily beauty regimen.

2. Make sure you remove all traces of the eye make-up around the eye area with a good remover. Avoid roughly rubbing, scratching of the eyelashes when removing the make-up of the eyes. This will prevent eyelashes from thinning and protects the sensitive skin around the eyes.

3. Start grooming your eyelashes twice a day like grooming your hair. Use an eye brush or clean the brush; Put few drops of olive oil or vitamin E and applies directly to eyelashes. It helps preventing the shedding of the eyelashes by making them thicker and softer.

4. Apply olive oil on to your eyelashes which strengthens the hair and stimulate the growth of the hair. You can add few drops of oil on a cotton ball and dab it on the eyelashes. Don't put too much oil that it is dripping and not too that you can see the oil glistening. Leave it for 10 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water. Doing this for few weeks will give you desired results.

5. Another way is to simply use a cotton swab soaked in extra virgin olive oil. Put the cotton swab on your eyelashes and let them get absorbed. After doing this on routine basis; you'll definitely notice improvement in growth of eyelashes as they look fuller.

6. Avoid using a curler to give shape to your eyelashes as this will weaken the health of eyelashes and make them susceptible to break away easily.

7. Ensure that you include nutritious supplements rich in vitamins like D, E that promotes the strength and growth of naturally fuller eyelashes. The diet containing vitamins helps to withstand the wear and tear on eyelashes caused by eyelash curlers and makeup.

Olive oil can help in boosting the growth of fuller and stronger eyelashes; Be careful with this application. It should not get into your eyes; also some people might be allergic to this oil. You can for other natural eyelash enhancers that give you denser and fuller looking eyelashes.
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