With nearly 1,000 years ago lived Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) Benedictine nun, abbess of 1136, being one of the most important branches of mysticism, but with important contributions from disciplines such as religion, medicine, biology and music. Although the woman managed to build a reputation and renown, in a world dominated by a pronounced patriarchy, where women had very few rights, for all the women of that time were not respected and their place was just in the kitchen and to serve man. Bones (relics) they are kept in Eibingen.
This nun was also clairvoyant, supporting her at the time that in our time now that "Before the comet comes, many nations will be hit by famine. Mare Ocean nation, inhabited by people of different tribes will be hit a great earthquake, storm and tidal waves.'ll be devastation. "And until now they inplinit her predictions.