How often should African American hair be washed? Is there any way on how to wash African American hair properly? What are the best shampoos for African American hair? Manes do have their own genetic makeup. If your parents are purely Caucasian then chances are you have a wavy platinum blonde hair or soft golden curls. If you have an African descent then chances are you have curly black hair. If you’re the Asian type, then you’d probably have jet black straight hair. Think Charlie’s angels, you’d probably have a good picture of the different hair types then add Alicia Keys with her perfectly-made braids. Hair is indeed a crowning glory and whether you’re Asian, Caucasian or black, perfectly healthy hair is within your reach – and race is not a hindrance to getting healthy hair.

According to elite New York stylist Elllin La Var, African American hair has a coarse texture and is very kinky. Think of famous African American celebs like Naomi Campbell, Whitney Houston and the legendary Oprah. Moreover, think of Africa and authentic African hair. It is usually curly from roots to tips and usually sticks to the scalp in most cases. Now, back to the questions: how often should African American hair be washed? Here are some minute tips on how to wash African American hair properly including best shampoos for African American hair.

1. According to Susan Taylor MD, a dermatologist from Philadelphia, although most would stereotype African American hair to be coarse and kinky however in truth, the texture varies. African American hair includes a combination of two genetic makeups, namely: African and American. The influence of the two makeups and its combined features would greatly vary.

2. According to hair experts, African American hair that this one same similarity. Most of this type of hair has less moisture, grows slowly and is brittle compared to blondes and Asian brunettes.

3. Heard about the movie Legally Blonde? If you have plans to change your hairstyle then it would be best to look for products that match the texture of your hair and not the colour of your skin. Buy products that are neither strong nor heavy for you.

4. How often should African American hair be washed? For most types, hair must be shampooed every 14 days, seven to ten days at least. How to wash African American hair properly? Simply wash from roots to tips. Start by lathering up a good shampoo and begin rubbing it from your scalp to the tip. Rinse thereafter.

5. Although most types must be shampooed every 2 weeks, and although African American hair contains less water than other hair types but hair experts still recommend washing it regularly. That’s how often should African American hair be washed. Hair texture shouldn’t interfere with good hygiene for all that matters.

6. How to wash African American hair properly? If regularly washing your African American mane worries you, simply lather a moisturizing shampoo for dry hair and follow it up with a generous amount of hair conditioner or a bountiful amount of hair moisturizer to keep hair hydrated.

7. According to hair experts, the reason behind African American hair’s brittleness is its curly texture. The hair becomes too curly that natural oils find it difficult to seep through the hair’s tips. Hair moisturizers and hydrating products should be constantly applied to keep African American hair hydrated.

8. When hairstyling, it is a huge no-no to use the straightening iron for African American hair – also on other types of hair too. Straightening irons simply sap the moisture out of hair leaving it dry and frizzy.

9. How often should African American hair be washed? When you’re problematic about dry hair, simply look for moisturizing and hydrating products – like silicone, for example. Avoid products intended for limp hair, adding a little bit volume might actually do worst – like sapping out the moisture from your mane. Look for best shampoos for African American hair.

10. To retain moisture, simply wrap hair in a comfortable satin scarf before sleeping. Your pillowcase might have cotton fibres that might rub away essential oils in your hair.

Now, with all these tips, one can be absolutely certain to keep their African American hair healthy. Now, with the question, how often should African American hair be washed? The answer is to simply follow the recommended frequency – every 2 weeks.

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