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&magzdc Did this post - "Do you know your Bubblews Members User Number?"

This got me thinking, first of all.. damn that was pretty smart of her to figure out!

Fun topic too, but then I thought about it a different way as I often do about things. I thought about &Bubblews and its growth. My wife and I have only been with Bubblews since Feb 10th of 2013. &magzdc is number 1761 and started November 7, 2012. In just a few months it has exploded from 1,761 to an additional 13,000 members !! OMG!

Now take a look at your numbers, when did you start? What is your number? On your profile URL there are numbers there and as &magzdc taught us you will find your member number here.

Back to the point - Bubblews and how it is viewed by many. Some are not aware of just how young Bubblews is. People also do not realize how fast it is growing on a daily basis. When you look at your numbers I would like you to say your number and start date in the comments below.

Why? Okay lol Comments are nice... but more than that we can all see in one place and witness the reality together of how fast Bubblews is growing.

They have a big job, they are working hard, they are trying to keep up and find more staff and all at the same time they are trying to improve the site in many many ways. I personally have nothing but respect for &Arvind and what the staff has accomplished and is continuing to build.

I think there are kinks, there are wrinkles, there are flaws right? Nobody will deny that, THEY don't deny that. They post regularly to keep us informed on their various profiles and on their Facebook Page. You tell me what other site does that?

Let's BLOG Together (Facebook Group to share your blogs)

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Reasons to do it --
Bubblews Redemption Taking Too Long Complaints- www.bubblews.com/news/447577-bubblews-redemption-taking-too-long-complaints +Member-number