I'm trying my banner to see how it shows up on a post here.

I have big online goals today! I do have my website checklist, but I don't expect that I will get to many of those sites today. Time will tell on that.

I need to get a squidoo lens built on a book review. This book review includes a blog tour. I must get the book review lens written first, which I expect to take me at least a couple of hours.

Next I need to get a long overdue review and giveaway up on my blog. After I get that blog post done I need to get the review written and set to post on the right day on my blog. This will be the blog tour post, which will also include another review of the book as well as a giveaway. I will be sure to announce here in a post about all of it.

For now I am off to get my job done at Walmart. I then plan on scanning for shopkick and checkpoints, and a stop at Target for more scanning as well. These should be the only places I need to go today.