The search engine I am referring to is called Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is a search engine tool that enables an individual to earn some really cool rewards through online internet searches. To get rewarded, you have to obtain a Swagbucks search engine, install it and then use it to search the internet by first visiting the Swagbucks website and obtain the swag codes or Swagbucks. Some of the ways to obtain Swagbucks include;

1. First you need to install the Swagbucks search engine in your browser by downloading and installing it in your computer. To get rewarded, you have to keep on searching for Swagbucks everyday on a regular basis. The more Swagbucks you obtain the more you earn.
2. To get more Swagbucks, it is important to participate in Swagbucks activities especially online sweepstakes. Through this you can be lucky and obtain huge amount of Swagbucks.
3. When doing your daily Swagbucks searching, you will find swag codes in Swagbucks website, toolbar or blog. Once you find them take an action immediately as they expire after a few hours.
4. Finally, it is important to refer your friends to join Swagbucks. This is because the more friends you refer the more chances of getting more Swagbucks increases. Therefore, be a member of Swagbucks and be rewarded though online searches.