Hello Bubblers! My brain can't function well today and I'm kinda frustrated about it. I want to post something but can't find topics for me to talk about. So I turned on my television and watch music channel. But because it is all rock songs that they are playing, I switched it to another channel which I came across on" The Ryzza Mae Show." Guess who is her special guest? It's my favourite actor and known as the Philippines' Ultimate Hunk Derek Ramsay! Yes, it is!

While Ryzza has been interviewing him, she didn't even glance at her interviewee.The little girl is so amazed that she can't even look and blushes everytime Derek answers her. Aling Maliit or Ryzza Mae has been giggling all the time! LOL! It's fun to watch them both. He even asks the hunk if he will be willing to be her co-host. They played taguan (hide and seek), hopscotch and other game that I forgot. They also set a consequence that whoever loses will grant a kiss to the beaten person. And oh, she got too many kisses as her consequence!

Fans out there would be jealous of you. What can I say? Such a lucky Lil girl...

Photo credits: yahoo.com

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