I make a decent amount online each month doing various sites. Mylot, Gather, and Crowdtap were three of them. Mylot stopped paying and Gather is still down. I seriously can't wait for it to come back up but that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is Crowdtap.

Apparently Crowdtap has completely re-vamped their site and I just got on it tonight. I had 48000 points and last night I tried to cash out for ten dollars in Amazon. I sent out an email to support like any person would do after like five attempts at cashing out and being denied without a valid reason. I received a letter back tonight saying that the site was overloaded last night and there was nothing she could do about my past points.

I sat there for a sec. "Past points." I don't have past points. There's no way I can have past points I never cashed out. Well when I got on this new site of theirs all my points were gone. All those months of hard work and convincing people to hit those stupid links and it was all for nothing. I now have nothing and the site will not do anything, so it all sums up to a big fat NOTHING and ZERO!!!!!

I can't help but be really upset about this. I wouldn't have cared if they would have said ok we'll give you the ten and you'll start with zero because you tried the night before the site launched. Or anything but we can't do anything. That just shows they don't care about those who use their site.

I refuse to use this new site now. One because they screwed me over really well because I was really counting on that ten dollars and two because of the response I received. It's not like I had a place to post the links anyway.

This makes me three sites down and really ticked off.