Is Gather shut down? This may be the question many of you are asking. I, myself have said this a few times the past few days.

But it seems they are only doing a sever change and will be back up soon. Facebook updates indicate that they may even be up by the end of today, April 30th. We'll see!

This reminded me of a blog I wrote a while back titled, Gathers New Site SKYWORD| Gather Shutting Down?

I was first hit with the thought of Gather maybe closing when I came upon a thread of discussion here, on 12-15-2010. And I was like, "OMG." I hadn't heard anything of it, until reading those comments.

And then we all learned about Gather launching a new site called Skyword. It's like an interface that helps join writers to other companies to write on specific topics. It's site reads something like "skilled freelance writers, from experts like doctors or investment advisors to people with practical life experience like stay-at-home moms" can become Skywriters.

We all know now that Skyword and Gather supposedly are seperate now. But who really knows. I just hope that this new update that Gather is supposedly doing as we speak, makes it a faster website. I hate, and I stress HATE how slow the site is for loading the simplest of things... Not to mention the "OOPS SOMETHING WENT WRONG" notices we get all the time when trying to upload pictures... UGH! lol

So if you hear any other news about GATHER, please let us know! As of right now the pages are not loading any content for me whatsoever.

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