Have you had any problems finding pictures small enough to post to bubblews? I have, most of mine are upwards of 2mb and if I crop them down to 1mb the theme of the picture would be completely lost. Hummmm .... would anyone mind if I posted them in parts? K, that sounds like a fun challenge next time I'll give that a try, but for now I must say Good Nite to Bubblews, you've given me way too much to think about, time for some games.

Finally learned how to resize my shots, then I added text etc and added it here on 11-4-2013



today is Jan 5, 2014 and for some unknown reason I flagged this post as inappropriate ... believe me that was not my intent, I'd been curious what I'd find when searching on my various search engines using my handle here and when I clicked on this item that what it did ... darn.