Good morning bubblers! Bubblews Support 1 commented in my post last Monday about my article on my queries. He said that I should review the TOS of the Bubblews site. At first I was puzzled because I thought I haven't violated the site because I've read the rules several times. And I make sure that I always take it seriously because I know the consequences. But when our Bubblews Support1 commented about one of my articles entitled "Help Someone Through Kiva," I was shocked! He said that I violated the TOS under General Rules. The comment says, "Use this site only for your personal, non commercial use." I thought it's okay to post something about that because I've seen many articles like that before. Anyway, next time I'll also read the TOS of Bubblews.

This might be the reason why they weren't paying me this time. At least, I am proud to say that I haven't been paid because of plagiarism, hehehe! Because I'm not. All my posts here are all personal so no "copy-paste" articles.

By the way, is there anyone of you who can answer what should I do with this? Maybe there is something I can do. This is the article

+Terms of Use
+General Rules