Last night me and my siblings decided to watch an Hindi movie entitled Every Kid is Special. It was directed by Aamir Khan, who is also part of the movie characters. The movie tells us the story of a boy named Ishaan, he was sent to a boarding school by his parents because he failed the 3rd grade twice and also that his teachers complained about the boys behavior and dumbness. At the boarding school he got very depressed both physical and emotional. He suppressed himself to the other kids around him. He also withdrawn himself from talking to his family specially to his mom and give up on his most favorite activity to do, which is painting. An art teacher, which is Ram Shankar Nikumbh became interested in Ishaan's case and talked to his parents. he couragely told Ishaans' parents that the boy was suffering from dyslexia, a learning disorder that makes a child impair in comprehension accuracy in able to learn how to read, write and to cope up with everyday life. With very much desire to help Ishaan he gave the class a list of known people who suffer from dyslexia when they were still young. (Albert Einstein, Walt Disney and many others) He spend two to three hours in teaching Ishaan and was able to help him with this difficulties. Nikumbh organised a painting competition and luckily Ishaan won which made everyone in the boarding school and Ishaans' familt that he was a bright kid.

The movie was very inspiring it made me cry for a time not because its a sad story but it inspired me to be thankful for what I have and that I should always bare in mind that I have a special talent that lies within me. It also made me realize how to value and give respect to those people who has disabilities.