Here's how ....

go to the following website:

select a preferred verse recitations MP3, 128kbps Husary Syaik example (I use this)
click zip

system will go to the address

donwload the required audio files (all also not apa2)

extract all zip files into pieces mp3

merge (combine) connect 2 mp3 files into one mp3 file in accordance with the number. eg file when extracted will be 30 to file 089001.mp3 089030.mp3 mp3 from. Well into the 30th before we merge files into 1 file 089.mp3

syaik Husary has code 0.

open the phone sdcard, locate the folder / sdcard/iQuran/audio_v2 /
make a folder 0 (if none, 0 is the code for syaik husary)

0 incoming folder, make a folder 89 (according to the name of the file), then copy and paste files 089.mp3. selanutnya rename 089.mp3 be 089.dat

for other audio files, do the same.


Thank You