Tackling an individual skills needed in playing football.

Skill survive to win this ball may not be as beautiful as a volley, but at the right moment, tackling much-loved audience.

Even so, tackling sometimes can be very dangerous, like 10 the following incident:
1. Axel Witsel to Marcin Wasilewski
Belgium midfielder Axel Witsel with hard kicking Marcin Wasilewski ankle while defending club Standard Liege against Anderlecht in beikut video.

This angered the opposing team who then bombard the referee.

Although initially insisted on his innocence, ended Witsel was suspended six games by the Belgian Football Federation.

He had even received death threats from supporters of Anderlecht.2. Incidents that occurred in 2001 is now synonymous with Roy Keane and one of the worst tackles in football history.

In his autobiography, Keane admitted he had been planning the tackles, as a form of revenge on Alf-Inge Haaland.

Four years before the two players did meet in a match, where the sprawl Haaland Keane criticized in pain after they collided.3. Kevin Muscat to Adrian Zahra
Australian fullback, Kevin Muscat is often made ​​headlines because of tackles-tacklenya media that tends to injure the opponent. But this one might be the worst.

When playing for Melbourne Victory, Melbourne Heart Muscat makes the player, Adrian Zahra, fell and needed medical care.

Wasitpun not hesitate to whip out a red card.4. Paul Gascoigne to Gary Charles
The irony of Gazza's tackle on Gary Charles during the 1991 FA Cup final was a tackle that would lead to a very severe injury on his own Gascoigne.

While Charles hobbled when trying to walk, even Gazza suffered cruciate ligament due to cracks in the tackle does.5. Boris Johnson to Maurizio Guadino

Boris Johnson, British politician who was elected Mayor of London since 2008, also defended his country against Germany in a charity match in 2006. However, Johnson became the cause of his team's 4-2 defeat after butting Maurizio Guadino.