The Indian armed forces are the 3rd largest in the world with 1.41 million men under arms. Right from the days of the British Raj the men and officers of the Armed Forces were supplied subsidized alcohol and wine. The wine and liquor is distributed through a defense store called the Canteen Stores Department(CSD). The government has fixed a monthly quota for officers of the Armed forces. the quota is 10 bottle of whiskey, Rum , Gin or wine or 48 bottles of Beer. To get an idea of the benefit available a beer at the CSD rate is Rs 40 while outside it will cost Rs 100.
This quota cannot be exceeded and in case any quota is not consumed in a given month it will lapse. The quota of 10 bottle is up to the rank of Brigadier. Higher ranked officers are entitled to 12 bottles. Liquor supplied through CSD to officers is heavily subsidized. Scotch whiskey is also available at roughly half the rate of the market. This is one o the privileges for men who don the uniform of the Indian Armed forces