Jakarta - After hundreds of thousands followernya awaited, finally President SBY also on twitter twitter. SBY initial chirp is greeting all the people of Indonesia.

"Hallo Indonesia. I joined twitter for the world to come share greetings, views and inspiration. Greetings. * SBY *," wrote Yudhoyono was quoted as saying on his official account @ SBYudhoyono, Saturday (13/07/2013).

This chirp first appeared at around 19:10 pm. Twit this prime means written directly by SBY.

It can be known from SBY * sign *. In the bio this account, if there is a twit of the President was going to be marked with a "* SBY *". Until 19:30 pm, follower account @ SBYudhoyono has reached 187 thousand.

The Government had earlier released an official twitter account with the name @ IstanaRakyat. This account can also be used to write the message President. However, the President wants a personal account. Therefore dibuatkanlah an account again for President. (detik.com)