The Sunday Times South Africa was founded in 1906 and is the largest and biggest selling weekly newspaper in South Africa. It has a circulation of over 504,000 and a readership of over 3.2 million. Owned by Avusa, it is not afraid to take a hardline approach to ensure the truth is published.

The Sunday Times South Africa likes to consider it the paper for the people and a part of South African’s Sunday and may very well be that. Over the past century it has been involved with exposing a corruption scandal involving a South African Government’s arms deal worth over $6 billion US. It has publicized and fought hostile takeovers by government officials wanting to control the embarrassing media outlet, promiscuous reporters, various law suits ANC leaders and controversial cartoons. The Sunday Times South Africa has seen the times changing decade by decade.

There is no doubt no matter which side The Sunday Times supports that it is and has been instrumental in the development of human rights in South Africa as well as the downfall of Apartheid. Its articles and ubiquitous presence was sure to inspire dialogue between proponents of all sides.

Above all (discourse marker list -, The Sunday Times South Africa has passed the test of time and today is has become co-mingled as part of South Africa’s culture.