I am desperate. My hair is falling and thinning. I tried different shampoos, conditioner and minoxidil. They were temporary, even the minoxidil which was kind of expensive. I tried it even the shampoo. The I would buy the smallest bottle to continue. Th shampoos and conditioners for falling hair takes time to take effect and soon my hair would get dry with the shampoo. I also do hair and scalp massage :(
Now this Novuhair is being advertised and they say it is herbal. I am tempted to buy but it is also kind of expensive.
Is there anyone who has really tried it and did it work? I would like to ask real people, real in the sense they are not being paid to promote the product in commercials or what ever. I know Cory Quirino is a famous beauty expert and Fanny Serrano is also a beauty expert. But I want the opinions of ordinary people like me :).
I don't want to waste my money if it does not work. But if it does I will make more ways to earn more so I can buy. They say age does not matter in using the product.
I hope I get some favorable replies I don't want to get bald!!! huhuhu :)
pictures from the internet and www.novuhair.com/