A carrier pigeon in flight form can withstand 10-12 hours at a speed between 60 and 80 km / h and if the wind blows in front of birds flying at low height if knocking back flying at great height.
Regardless of flight direction home, west winds help pigeon while the east make it difficult navigation, so if summer when the temperature is high and the wind does not blow at all, you should not launch the birds, there is a high probability to lose.
White doves are looking for pairs of grooms at their weddings because it is said to bring happiness and prosperity to the couple. Un porumbel voiajor in forma poate rezista in zbor 10-12 ore cu o viteza intre 60 si 80 Km / ora iar daca vantul bate din fata porumbeii zboara la inaltime mica, daca bate din spate zboara la inaltime mare.
Indiferent de directia de zbor spre casa, vanturile de vest ajuta porumbelul in timp ce cele de est ii ingreuneaza navigatia, astfel daca vara daca temperatura este ridicata si vantul nu bate deloc, este bine sa nu se lanseze porumbeii, existand probabilitate mare de a se pierde.
Porumbeii albi sunt foarte cautati de perechile de miri la nuntile acestora deoarece se spune ca aduce fericire si prosperitate cuplului.