Those whom the gods love die young so goes the adage. Perhaps it is true in the case of Amrita Shergill a famous painter who die at the age of 28 in 1941 at Lahore. Amrita has over 100 of her paintings exhibited in the National gallery of Art at Delhi and experts opine that her paintings are something special.
Amrita was a Sikh and her mother was a Hungarian from East Europe. She studied abroad and came back to India. Her first love was art and painting and in that age when women in India were still living in seclusion, she started painting nudes. She painted herself in portraits in the nude. These are exhibited in the Museum at Delhi and worth a visit. Her paintings are rated very highly and she is considered a part of Bengal renaissance.
Amrita was greatly influenced by the Italian masters of art as she spent many years abroad having been born in Hungary. She imbibed the concepts of art from Italy and adapted it to Indian conditions. She did marry, but as the couple shifted to Lahore, she developed a mysterious illness and she died. But in her brief span of 28 years she has left an indelible mark on Indian art.