Which one is the fake?

+Chinese +BL +Cream is a popular topical medication not only recognized for its anti-itch relief but also for its skin whitening effect. While, this product can be bought in ordinary stores, groceries and selected pharmacies, Chinese BL (with the Chinese characters) is not approved by the Philippine Food and Drug Authority (FDA).

Contrary to this, there are still individuals who find Chinese BL beneficial. Some are even comparing and questioning Chinese BL cream's authenticity against +LS BL cream - its Philippine counterpart.

So, which one's really genuine?

At least in the Philippine's legal perspective, LS BL with the FDA registration number DR-XY40446 and as imported by Manxing Enterprise Corporation, LS BL is probably more reliable than Chinese BL. However, like other medicines, these two can also be faked. The best thing to do is to buy these products in a trusted and registered source.