I've been a member of Mylot for probably around 5 years now. I have earned a lot of money from the site in that time, and have made some very good friends.
Since joining, I'd have to say Mylot has always been my favorite website. Even when I gave up most of my earning sites, when I had no time for them, when I was working.. I still stayed active on Mylot.

But Mylot does come with some negatives, and a lot of people don't like it for many reasons.

One of the negatives, in my opinion, are the rules. They're very rigid about what can and cannot be posted. If you post something they don't like, they will delete it as well as any earnings you may have gotten for that post. Anything that can be viewed as a poll gets deleted. Anything viewed as trying to get referrals gets deleted. When I first joined Bubblews I started a discussion on Mylot about it. I did not post my referral link, just some info about the site. That post got deleted. To me, it seems they have a lot of rules and it can be hard to decide what is crossing the line and what isn't.

I prefer sites like Gather, where your post won't be deleted and you can just converse with your friends. That's all I'm here for really, I like socializing. It's just a bonus that I'm earning for it. If there weren't the threat of posts being deleted by Mylot admin, I'd be so much happier with the site.

I'm glad Bubblews isn't like that, with the thousands of rules to have to try to live by.. the rules here are basic.. posts must be over 400 words, and of course we should not post referral links.. but really all sites have that rule if you think about it.

I just wish Bubblews had an option for us to get our notifications via e-mail like Mylot and Gather have. That way we'd never miss a notification that we wanted to receive. I hope that is something they consider adding in the future.

Meanwhile, I'm not giving up on any of these sites. I love them all, each for different reasons. All the troubles and negativity at Mylot hasn't driven me away before.. and it won't now. Although I may not say it's still my favorite site :)

Which one is your favorite?