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the bottomline is..every child should feel their importance in their own family and should recognize the value of love surrounding them to become a good and responsible person in this wold.... if they cannot feel being loved in their own home, it would be difficult for them to appreciate the tenderness of the love and care shown to them by those people around them outside their home..

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I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately some parents don't care for their children. We adopted two older children whose parents would or could not care for them. One of them was already so damaged emotionally that she never recovered enough to live a responsible life because she never trusted anyone. She wound up shooting herself at the age of 34. We did all we knew how to show her love and give her opportunities to be successful in life, as did her half brother and his wife and others in her birth family. I guess she never really trusted any of us because she wanted to be in control of her own life, and although she did know about God's love for her, she was not willing to trust him with a very difficult situation when she ended her life. Had her parents been good parents, she might have turned out much differently.

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