I keep the freezer stocked with Birds Eye Steamfresh Fresh Frozen Mixed Vegetables as well as many other varieties of Steamfresh Veggies. The mixed vegetables are a combinations of Corn, Green Beans, Carrots and Peas. I find that mixed veggies work well as a side dish for many meals and I also use them when I make home made soups.

If you are making these as a side dish they are easy to microwave. You put the whole bag into the microwave and when they are done you can open them without a scissors by using the tear strip on the top of the package. I usually cook the veggies before putting them in my soup and just add them at the last minute, but you can also open the bag of frozen vegetables and cook them in any other dish you are making.

Steamfresh Veggies are our favorites and we watch for them to go on sale and stock up on a bunch of different varieties.

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