I always keep a bag of Birds Eye Steamfresh Fresh Frozen Cut Green Beans in my freezer. We wait for these to go on sale and usually stock up on several varieties to have on hand. I love the cut green beans and especially like them better than canned. To me there is no comparison in the taste of canned vs. frozen. Frozen would win in a taste test hands down.

Birds Eye Steamfresh Fresh Frozen Cut Green Beans go with almost any meal. I even like to eat them with a little salt and pepper for a snack during the day. You can do a lot of things with Green Beans from serving them seasoned in a green bean casserole, to eating them plain.

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Cooking Birds Eye Steamfresh frozen veggies could not be easier. All you do is put the entire bag in the microwave them. We usually cook ours a little longer because we like our green beans well done. They come out great and I love the tear strip that makes it easy to get out of the bag without needing a scissors.