Just to give you a tip on how to increase the number of views of your Bubblews Article.

1. Dont just write an article, promote it.
2. If you have a facebook account, let your friends know that you have a new Bubblews Article. If you can tag each of them, that's better
3. Make a Twitter Account, if you can tweet your Bubbles Article every hour, then do it!
4. if you have a blogsite, then write an article about your Bubblews Articles, just make sure to put a link pointing to your Bubblews Article so that your readers will go to your Bubbles Articles
5. Make your article informative, interesting so that your readers will share it to their social networks.
6. Dont forget to G+1 your Bubblews Article, this will help you to index your article by search engines.
7. You can also promote your Bubblew Article to Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon,Pinterest.

Dont just write an article, PROMOTE IT!