Another good smartphone from Starmobile?
I visited their official Facebook page Happy Man by Starmobile and I notice this Starmobile Diamond that they announce to be released soon. I made some follow research on what and how this new smartphone of Starmobile looks and the specs. Because I have a friend on Facebook that having information about new gadgets. I asked to him on what is the specs on this smartphone. He gives not enough details but I am excite when I read what he said.

Starmobile Diamond Specs
There is no cleared specs yet but thanks for my friend by giving this main specs of this smartphone.
*12-megapixel rear and 2-megapixel front cameras*
Yes you're right!, it has a greater cameras that you can experience the true essence of capturing experience. I think this is the new standard of cameras because the new phone of Cherry Mobile, Omega HD aslo having this spec.
*1GB RAM and dual-core processor*
A faster and smoother smartphone is really a great stuff and this spec of Starmobile Diamond will make it shines like a real diamond. Slow response worrying is now ease.
*Android Jelly Bean and 2,000mAh Battery Life*
Experience the latest version of Android OS which enable you to install the most elegant apps and HD games at the playstore. A 2,000mAh removable battery Li-Ion battery pack good but it will be more good if this will be increase to 2,300 and up something.

Starmobile Diamond Features
This is really the great stuff and I found this information on their official picture of this new smartphone.
*DragonTrail Glass technology*
With this feature, a worry-free from sratch is really expected with this technology. A 6x stonger from scratch and other things that could make its glass ugly. The Cherry Mobile Omega HD also having this feature.
*BSI Sensor*
Just like Omega HD, this Diamond also having a BSI sensor which enhance the performance of Low-Light.

Starmobile Diamond Price and Design
This is really the important stuff for a smartphone, because of the rampage of new released devices from different supplier, price and design is really a must to be consider. The price of this smartphone is Php9,290, more expensive than the omega HD but this an standard price with a smartphone having a Dragontrail technology.
For the design, all I can say is unique and elegant. As you can see on the picture, the design and the color style is new for my eye. Before I forgot, this smartphone is HD.

Starmobile Diamond Review
For now, we cannot give a depth review because this smartphone is not yet officially announce and we hope that this will be shown to the public sooner.
For the question above, all I can say is GOOD. Having this new technology and more greater specs is all the crowd waiting for.
Image courtesy from Happy Man by Starmobile
Update: Officially released nationwide