These days one of the coolest and most successful genre in film making is of course the Superhero Genre. A Lot of Superheroes are being adapted into movies. In fact if you take a look at some of the best movies of recent years. you will find that it includes all the superhero movies released in that time period.

Superhero movies are full entertainment package. The motivates you. They make you feel like superhero. So this is where my question comes. If you were to be a sueprhero then which power would like to have in your life. You can pick powers from different superheroes and make your own personal superhero.

But please note that there are certain rules. Rule 1 You can only pick 3 superpowers. Rule 2 You Can not pick all superpowers from a Single Superhero. Rule 3 Dont misuse your powers.

So here are the major powers that our superhero posses.

1. Superman - Flight, Super Speed, Strength, Invulnerability,Super Hearing, Vision Powers
2. Batman - Scientific Knowledge, Athletic prowess and Spy abilities
3. Ironman - Powerful Armor, Scientific Knowledge, Healing Ability
4. Thor - Time Traveler, Regenerate Wounded body parts, Powerful Axe
5. Hulk - Super Intelligent, Unlimited Physical Strength, Invulnerable
6. Wolverine - Quick Healer, Resistant to Telepathic, Blade Claws
7. Magneto - Telepathy, Telekinesis, Electromagnetic field Control
8. SpiderMan - Fast Healer, Spider Powers, Strong Reflexes
9. Captain America - Better Strength, Speed, Agility
10. Flash - Fastest Speed, Time Traveling, Can Do anything at super speed like reading and thinking

So Which Super power would you like to have?

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