1.Creating An Account

Selecting a Theme / Name

Do you want your theme to be a cooking channel, gamer channel, how to clean,? Pick a basic theme you
want and choose your name carefully. WARNING! Once you choose your youtube name, you cannot
change it! I spent about 2 hours just trying to come up with a good name for my last channel. Pick a name
that is easy to remember and easy to spell so your fans can find you easier. Try to avoid putting numbers in
your name because this makes you look unprofessional. A good site to help you choose your name is http://
socialblade.com/youtube/namegen Since there are millions of youtube users, most names are taken. Being
creative/original with your channel name is your first step in being successful.

Selecting Best Email Provider

I recommend creating a brand new email for your youtube channel and I recommend using Gmail. You can
enable a 2-Step Verification so hackers can’t steal your account. If anyone tries to log in from a computer
other than your own, it will send your phone a text with a verification code. Without the code, no one can log
in your account. You can never be too safe. Especially if you have windows because you never know who
could be controlling/watching your computer.

2.Copyrights & Fair Use

Importance of copyrights

In order to get a real partnership you cannot have any copyright violations.
DO NOT PUT any copy-written music as your audio because youtube can easily detect songs and you will
get a copyright violation which means no company will want to partner you. Once you get a partnership, the
companies will offer you a huge selection of music and audio you can use for free in your videos. If you copy
any video like a move trailer, they will also easily detect it and give you a strike. For the most part you can
get away with a lot because you can claim it as fair use. I suggest you watch this video because it show you
what you can and cant do.

3.Programs & Software

Video editor

You are going to need some sort of video editing program. There are free programs but I recommend
personally Adobe Premiere. It works for mac and windows and is amazing. I recommend buying all your
software but if you want to steal it, there is no way I can stop you. Video editing is very easy to learn so
whatever program you choose should be fine. All you do is cut and trim the in and out points of each clip,
add them to the timeline and It’s done. Video editing is very simple once you figure out how to navigate your
program. The best way to learn is sit there and click each button and see what everything does. Thats how
I’ve learned every single program I’ve ever used.

Creating An Intro

Intros are pretty hard to make. It took me about 18 hours to make my first 3D 10 second intro. It took even
longer to render it (about 48 hours on an old computer.) I used Cinema 4D but this program is very hard to
learn. I would only recommend it if you have a lot of time on your hands. Adobe After Effects isn’t as
powerful but you can still create cool intros that look amazing or use one of the thousands of templates on
the internet. Just replace your name or company logo and you can have a professional looking intro in
seconds. If you have years of experience with cinema 4d go ahead and use it. You will be able to create
awesome stuff. They use that program to make movies. But as far as making an intro and outro I would go
with adobe after effects. You can also use adobe flash to make a 2D animation with a cartoon feel. I went all
out and got adobe creative master suite. It came with every program you need to do everything. From web
design, 3d graphics, video editing, photo editing, 2d animations, it has everything covered. If you want a nice
3D intro or outro but don’t want to do the work just shoot me an email and I’ll make you a nice one for a
better price than you can find anywhere else.

Editing audio Tips & Tricks

Editing audio is very tricky and on a whole new level of difficulty for a beginner. If you have windows I
recommend sound forge or pro tools, and if you are a mac user, logic pro is very nice. Here are some
important rules you should follow with all audio and if done correctly can result in you not even needing an
audio editing program.

The quality/cost of your mic isn’t as important as you might think. Follow this for the best audio possible.
• Make sure there is little to no background noise. (this means turn off AC or any fans)
• A great video can be ruined by horrible audio!
• Make sure you mic input isn’t so loud your audio is clipping(going in the red zone/distorting)
• Position your mouth the same distance from the mic at all times.
• Make sure you are not breathing on your mic. Use a pop filter. You can make a homemade pop filter with a
coat hanger and panty hose.(I used one for many years)
• If you do need to edit the audio just add compression and mess with EQ settings.
• Don’t go overboard with settings because it will sound un natural.
• Compression makes the volume the same level the whole time and makes videos 1,000 times more
enjoyable to watch.
• If you’re a man remove the low frequencies from your voice with the EQ(Equalizer)
• Listen to your audio on different devices to see what it sounds like ( sometimes something that sounds
great in headphones can sound like utter terror on regular speakers.
• The rule of thumb is, if it sounds good on bad, low quality speakers, it will sound good to everyone.

Channel & Thumbnail Design

I recommend adobe photoshop for any photo editing. It is hands down the best photo editor available. If you
have trouble creating any graphics youtube has great tutorials available for any programs. Once you get
your partnership you will be able to create your own youtube thumbnails which sometimes is the only reason
videos are successful.

4.Titles, Descriptions, Tags


Titles, descriptions, and tags are one of the most important details that can make or break your video. It
doesn’t matter how amazing your video is, without good tags it will never reach its full potential.
Title: Compelling title with SEO(Search Engine Optimization) keywords at the beginning.

1. Keyword Research
• Method A: YouTube Search Autocomplete - Type in words related to your video in the YouTube search
bar and see what comes up. The suggestions provided by YouTube are popular searches that will inform
your metadata.
• Method B: YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool - Search the topic of your video to find popular, relevant
keywords to use in your titles, tags and description.
• Method C: Google AdWords Keyword Tool - Cross check the keywords you find with the YouTube tool
and determine their relative popularity with the AdWords Keyword Tool.
• Method D: Model the Best - Search keywords related to your video's topic on YouTube and see which
videos rank the highest. Pay close attention to the way popular creators in your content category title, tag
and describe their videos and incorporate their successful techniques into your own metadata. Check out
some of these metadata masters: tetraninja, clevvermovies, TheFineBros.


Description: The Description should always include keywords from the title and tags. Describe the content
of the video and always include links associated with your channel. You can add as much information you
want here so don’t be scared to go all out. Add your youtube subscribe link, facebook page, twitter page, etc.


Write video tags for each video that are a mix of specific and general keywords that are relevant to a video's
content. Maximize tags (12 or more keywords, use all of the 120 character limit) 10-20 tags, mix of general
and specific tags. Always include common keyword tags associated with your content.For phrases use
quotation marks… “president obama” “baking chicken”


GAME TITLE Walkthrough - LEVEL NAME (notice the title is repeated in the first line of the description)
describe the content of the video repeating important keywords such as the game title,
level name and featured game characters.
Subscribe for more GAME TITLE videos:
Check out GAME TITLE Walkthrough Part 2
"Like" me on Facebook
Follow me on Twitter
"game title walkthrough" "game title gameplay" game title "game title" "character name" "name of level"
"video game" game videogame games gaming PS3 sony playstation Xbox Xbox360 (tags are repeated in
the bottom of the description)

Saving defaults

3. Save Your Defaults

Every video description should have links to your Facebook, Twitter, playlists, related videos and your
subscription page. You should also create a set of standard tags that will be included in every upload.
These tags should be general tags that apply to most of the content you produce (i.e. gaming "video games"
"show name" comedy etc.).

5.Creating your video

Camera & lighting

Nobody likes videos where the camera is all over the place and being moved everywhere. TRIPODS ARE A
MUST! They are very cheap and you can even make one yourself. Even putting your camera on a table on
top of a blanket would be fine. You can adjust the camera in the blanket to get whatever angle you want.
Lighting is probably the most important thing in making good video. Don’t film with the sun behind you or any
lights. Home Depot sells clip on lights that are awesome. I normally put 3 lights on the subject and it always
has perfect results with no shadows. Heres what I’m talking about.

If you need to record your computer’s screen I recommend fraps for PC and Screenflow for mac.


Wrong encoding can make a great looking video look horrible. Remember, every time you encode(export)
your video, you lose video quality.

Almost all programs now have default youtube export settings. Adobe Premiere’s youtube settings work
perfect. you can also try to adjust the mbps slider to lower numbers and see if you notice a difference in
quality. The key to successful encoding is making the smallest file size possible while retaining the highest
quality possible.The reason Adobe Premiere is so powerful is that unlike other programs, it will encode using
100% of your CPU meaning the fastest export times available. If you want to know more about this, I will be
posting some topics in the youtube promotion forums. Feel free to visit and learn more.

6.Making a green screen


You can make a green screen for under $10. All you need is a Walmart. Go to the school supplies and buy
the bright green paper. They have huge pieces you can get. Tape them all together then pin it to the wall. If
you use adobe premiere just key out the green background and replace it with whatever you want.

7.Maximize your subscribers

Sub 4 Sub

This one is basic and you can do it in the youtube promotion forums. Basically you and another person trade
subscribes. This is probably the easiest method because all you have to do is sub someone and the sub you

Video Techniques

You should always put your subscribe link in your videos description but more importantly TELL YOUR
VIEWERS TO SUBSCRIBE with your own voice. They are way more likely to subscribe if you mention it in
your video. Tell a funny joke or say something that will make them want to subscribe put an annotation with
your subscribe link so all they have to do is click it. If you make it easy for them to subscribe and put it in
their face, they will probably subscribe.

Quality Vs. Quantity

A lot of people say you should make tons of videos and not focus too much on 1 video. I totally disagree. I
get about 90% of my subscribers from videos I put the most effort into. Making too many videos can also
lead to people unsubscribing. People don’t want their subscription box over flowed with tons of useless
videos. KEEP A SCHEDULE and post at least once a week on a certain day. Youtube actually admitted that
it helps your SEO(search engine optimization) and your video will be put higher in the results then if you post
on a random schedule.Make your videos short and sweet and to the point.

Sub Box

Another method is to find another youtube creator and ask them if they will put your channels box on their
channel page. They will normally want you to return the favor so do it!

~*~*~_-My Secret Method!-_ ~~~

This is by far the best method. I almost don’t want to share this secret it is so good. lol. Basically what you
do is find someone with the same amount of subscribers as you, and you work together to get each others
subscribers to sub the other person. Say you have 150 subscribers... You find someone with around
100-300 subscribers who makes the same kind of videos you do. (you can easily find other people by
clicking on related videos of your own). Send them a message and tell them that you will make a video
telling all your subscribers how good that persons channel is and to subscribe to them. You both post a
video and put each others subscribe link in the description and annotation. What I do is make a video
introducing myself and explaining how awesome my channel is and convincing people to subscribe. The
person I find will post the video I made, and if they have 200 subscribers you can get 100-125 easy. The
good thing about this is that you only have to make the video introducing yourself once and send it to each
person you find. So you started at 150 subscribers and now you have 250, now find someone with 250-500
subscribers and do the same thing. You can keep doubling your subscribers and if other people know that
they will get more subscribers out of the deal they will almost never turn you down. Once you build up your
subscribers this can get you more subscribers than any other method. Say you have 5,000 subscribers, you
can find someone with 7,000 and earn 3-4,000 subscribers just from one video.


Contests work great if you do them right. Make a video giving something away but make the requirement
that the viewers have to subscribe and post a comment. Tell them that at the end of the contest you will
check to see if they commented and subscribed to be eligible. If you have a bunch of people commenting on
your video it will sky rocket to the top of the search results.



Accept all friend requests! If you are a new channel, reply to messages. Be friendly and people will
subscribe to you. A new thing in 2012 is that your friends will basically count as your subscribers too. Your
videos you post will show up on their main page. So try to get as many friends as possible.

9.Maximize Comments

At first you might not like haters and it might actually make you feel down about yourself and your channel.
Once you become experienced you realize that they are helping you out. The more comments your video
has, the higher it gets on the search results. Say something in your video that might stir up a big fight/
discussion in your comments box. Example… ask viewers if you think apple or windows is better. Any topic
like this can spark huge debates right in your comment box which will sky rocket your video. A lot of times
haters come by and say something rude or out of line which will cause people who read it to respond which
will cause more people to respond. So don’t get discouraged by haters but wake up every morning thinking
about how you can get some more.

10.Maximize Views

How To Reach Top Of Searches
A video’s success results on where it places in the search results. If someone types in “how to tie a knot”
and your video is the top result, your probably going to get millions of views. There are several tricks and
techniques I have found that will get your videos up there. Youtube uses different algorithms and from
careful research and trial and error I have found the best methods. The number of comments and likes a
video gets has an effect on your positioning but isn’t the most important. Posting your video on sites other
than youtube seems to have the biggest impact. And normally once you get your videos in the top positions,
they stay there. I guess Youtube wants their videos to be spread around everywhere and bringing your video
traffic from outside websites has the biggest impact on rankings. Another important factor is the first 24
hours your new video is posted. Do 90% of your video promoting the first 24 hours after you posted it. If you
have an amazing video you are about to post and want it to succeed, plan on spending more time promoting
it than you did making it. I go crazy and use all my techniques the first few hours it’s posted and about 6
hours later my videos normally start making it to around the top 10 positions. If you posted a video 6 months
ago and try all the techniques it probably won’t budge much. So plan on doing all your promoting as soon as
the video is released. I have also noticed that having a real youtube partnership makes your videos rank
higher than people who don’t have one. The logic behind this is that youtube makes money off partners so
why not put their videos above other peoples. There has been many times where I made a video about
something at almost the same time as someone else and I notice my video on the top of the search results
and theirs on the bottom. The video was about a new iPhone game, we released almost the same video at
almost the same time. I did no promoting what so ever and my video outranked his by about 25 spots. So
having a partnership helps.

Embed Videos

If you already have a lot of twitter followers or facebook friends then this method will work best for you. Even
if you only have 50 facebook friends you should still use this technique because if they are your real life
friends, they can help a lot. Just post your video link and tell all your friends to take 1 second out of their day
to click on the video and give it a thumbs up. Same thing with Twitter. I actually started a facebook account
and noticed how big the mafia wars community was. I found a discussion where people were looking for
more friends and I ended up getting 5,000 friends in about 4 days. Back then facebook limited your friends
to only 5,000. I use it now to promote my videos and post on their every once in a while. Also look into
writing blogs. There are many free sites you can use that are very user friendly. The more tools you have in
your bag the better your video will do than the next person.


Annotations are a great way to get views. A couple of my best videos were only successful because of
annotations. If I have a really great video I want to promote, but it’s not getting the views I want, I will post an
annotation on my top 10 videos,( usually the last 10-15 second) with a very catchy title, and when the viewer
clicks on it, it opens up the video in a new page. Let’s say you have a popular video about new wheels you
put on your car. On the last 10-15 seconds put a clickable annotation title like “ Click Here To See The Most
Amazing Car In The World!” You won’t believe how many people will click it.

Video Responses

My biggest mistake was blocking anyone from posting video responses. I had no idea the amount of views I
was missing out on. I suggest you ask people in your video to make responses and allow them on all videos.
When someone posts a video response to your video, your video will be displayed on their video’s page
also. A user could post a response that gets a million views and could ultimately lead to you getting a lot of
views. Every view that the person gets, is a free view for you with no extra work. If you are trying to make a
certain video and someone else has millions of views about the same thing, try to post a video response on
their page with your video. You can do a lot with video responses so don’t forget about them!


Bulletins are a great way to promote videos your subscribers may have missed the first go around. Make
sure you wait a few days from the time you upload the video, to when you post a bulletin. Your bulletin will
be shown on all your friends and subscribers home pages who have it enabled.

~*~*~_-MY Secret Method-_~~~

BY FAR the best method I have discovered is posting your videos in forums. If you want to promote a video
you have on growing tomatoes, type “garden forums” or something similar in a google search. Open the top
5-8 results and create an account on each site. Make a post and if possible embed the video directly in your
post. All forums are different and most allow this but some don’t. If they don’t simply post your direct link.
The trick here is to pretend like you didn’t make the video and just stumbled upon it, and want to share it
with everyone. Another good way is to read the forums and if someone post a question about how to grow
tomatoes you can respond and put your video with it. You will have far more success with embed videos
because its much easier for the user. All they do is click the play button and it plays right there without going
anywhere else. Once you make a new topic, bookmark the web address for your topic in a new bookmark
folder called “Tomato Forums.” This makes is much easier for you and is crucial in making sure you are
efficient. Once you have posted in the different forums, click on the bookmark you made for your first post. If
the forum is active you should see some responses. If there is no responses and you see your topic is
moving further and further down the page, make a reply to bump it back up to the top of the page. I’ve
created topics that were hot discussions for days and the longer your topic is active the more views you get.
If you have your video posted on let’s say 5 different forums, your video will climb the search results faster
than you have ever seen before. Bringing traffic to your video from multiple sources has the best results in
making your video successful out of any other method out there.


Timing is VERY VERY IMPORTANT!The first thing to note is the time and day you post your video. Don’t
post videos at 3:00 AM. Post videos at the time range you think your audience would likely be browsing
youtube. Are you targeting old folks? Post your videos earlier in the day. Targeting 18 year olds? Post your
video later at night. Also note that certain days are better for posting. For example... Sunday youtube has the
most viewers out of any other day. Since youtube is getting so much traffic on Sunday maybe that would be
a good time to post. Also think about when your competition is posting.


Being first is very important but sometimes not possible. Normally, if you are the first to post a video about
something, you are going to be the one with the most successful video. Being the first almost guarantees
you success. If a new iPhone app just reach the top 25 spot, be the first to make a video about it and watch
how many views you get.


Thumbnails are very very important! Your video could be the best on all of youtube but the video below
yours has a cool catchy thumbnail. Most of the time the user will scan through the thumbnails and when one
catches their eye, thats the video they are watching. The only way to make thumbnails is to have a real
partnership. I suggest learning photoshop because it is the best photo editing tool and you will use it for
many years to come.

11.Real Youtube Partnership

Let’s Talk Money

So there are many companies to choose from and I’m going to tell you about them.
There are companies who offer a flat rate and some who take a percentage off the top.
My main channel is a flat rate but I wish it was a percentage. Their are some days that my videos are
bringing in over $20 per thousand views. Now this is rare but it still happens. My average CPM (Cost per
thousand views) is around $4.98. The only bad thing is the company I’m with has a cut off at $2. So they
keep the rest. My first channel was a gaming channel and Machinima is the leading gamer youtube channel.
They get around 2.1 Billion views per month. I got an email from them one day asking to partner me. Since
they have the biggest name I thought it was a great idea to sign with them. BIG MISTAKE! I thought they
would help promote my videos, maybe post a video, or do something. THEY DO NOTHING! Now I’m stuck
at this low rate for 2 years with no benefits. My new channel is partnered by Maker studios and they are
great. What they do is take off the top 40% and give you 60% of what your videos make. If my videos are
averaging 4.98 CPM then 60% of that is $2.98 instead of $2. If you get a million views in a month you could
be missing out on $1,000 right there. Now the smart thing to do would be to apply at every possible
company. Wait until you have a lot of views a day to apply. They don’t care about subscribers because views
are what make money for everyone, not subscribers. If you are accepted to any company, read their contract
and compare it with other companies who accepted you. You aren’t forced to sign any contracts, so see
which company offers the most money. If your channel is doing exceptionally well, they may offer you more
money than someone else who applied.


• Cap at $2
• Pay via paypal
• Horrible support
• 2 year contract
• Gaming partner
• Apply here http://machinimayt
• e-mail [email protected]

• No caps
• 80% payout
• 1 year contract
• Have heard very very bad rumors about this company
• A lot of people reporting fraud by them and no paychecks so do your research
• Apply here tgn.tv/partners/
•TGN Partnership Requirements
1. 100% copyright-free [1]
2. 1,000 daily video views OR quality content [2]
3. At least one (1) month old
4. At least fifteen (15) videos

• Gaming partner
• Pay 65%
• Requirements:
1. Your channel must have at least 1,500 subscribers.
2. Your channel must have at least 75,000 upload views.
3. Your channel must NOT have any copyright infringement strikes.
• Go here to apply www.yeousch.com

• New company and easier to get partnered by
• Have heard great rumors but no CPM or how much money you will make
• Apply here vexontv.net/?page_id=40
• (If you get a contract email it to me, I would love to check it out)
Maker Studios
• 60% Payout
• Direct deposit
• Invented youtube ads and used work for youtube
• No minimum requirements
• Apply here www.makerstudios.com/join-our-network/

• I have heard very good things about this company
• Supposed to have good payout
• Apply to them and checkout their contract
• All the reviews are good and people seem to love them
• If you get accepted send me over a contract( I would love to see it)
• Apply here fullscreen.net/channels/

Social Blade
• Owned by maker studios
• Apply here socialblade.com/youtube/

• New company
• Apply here vidcast.co/#!/apply/ (If you get a contract email it to me so I can take a look)

• New company
• Apply here www.stocksnetworks.co.uk/recruitment/index.php
• (If you get a contract email it to me so I can take a look)

• Have heard good things about them
• Apply here viso.tv/become-an-aggregator/
• Must be 18 or over.
• More than 50,000 monthly views
• No copyright strikes or copyrighted material.
• Regular refreshments
• No history of spamming

Trick to get partnered

So this little trick works all the time. Most of the time to get partnered you just need a certain amount of
views each day. A trick I found is watching the iPhone or android app stores. Search by most recent apps
and see if any are climbing the charts. Puzzle apps work the best. If you make some tutorials on how to beat
a certain level, and the app makes it to the top 25 position, you are guaranteed thousands of views. I
actually got over 111,000 views my first week with this method on my newest test account. If you don’t have
an iPhone or android phone don’t worry. Just be creative and make a video about anything that’s has just
been released or will be in the future that is popular and you should succeed.

12.Already Partnered?

Maximize your profits

So a lot of this guide is you learning from my mistakes. Here is another big one you don’t wanna do. Make
sure all your videos are at least over a minute long. If your videos are shorter than a minute there probably
won’t be an ad placed on your video and if there is, it won’t be a good one. It will be the cheapest one you
won’t get payed much for. Make sure you hit that minute mark to get the 30 second long advertisements on
your videos. If the viewer let’s the ad play all the way through or clicks on it, you get payed more.


The 3rd channel I made was strictly focused on making video tutorials for iPhone apps and games. I ended
up getting a partnership the 3rd day and got around 300,000 views the first month. What I didn’t realize is
that ads do not play on iPhones! So even though I got 300,000 views only 32,000 of those I could
earn money from. I also got about 1/3 of my views from other countries. Views from the U.S. are what you
are after! Almost all views from other countries are not monetizable. Companies who pay for ads do not want
their money being wasted by having their ads played in Africa. Be sure to look into this before you waste a
whole month making videos you can’t profit on. My youtube sponsor said making mobile views monetizable
is youtube’s number 1 priority this year. They already starting enabling them on android phones. So any day
now it could change and it will lead to huge profits for all video creators. Once you start seeing how much
money you are losing because of iPhones each month, you will want to break every last one of them on
earth. It doesn’t matter what you make your videos on, a lot of people like to watch the videos on their iPads
and iPhones and that means no money for you. They now have a new option to block anyone who isn’t on a
device which can play ads. I don’t recommend this even though I would like to do this.

13.Additional Tips


Please learn from my mistakes! In my youtube career I have made pretty much every mistake you can
make, and I did it so you wouldn’t have too.


Remember to have fun and enjoy making videos. If everything about youtube and making videos pisses you
off, but you just want to get paid, you probably aren’t going to succeed. The more work and effort you put
into your channel the better the results. And trust me, its an amazing feeling growing your fan base and
watching something blossom out of literally nothing.

Be persistent!

Don’t let the youtube fire die in you. If your videos start doing good, make even better videos. Be yourself
and put your best effort into each video and you shall succeed!