We just got a new Electric Knife. The last one that we had lasted over 30 yrs and the blade had gotten so dull that I felt we should just replace the whole thing. I started my search on Amazon and found one like we had made my Hamilton Beach. The cost was under $20 which seemed really reasonable. It got mixed reviews but I decided to take a chance on it.

When it arrived I thought it looked nearly the same as what we had. When I tried it I was very pleased. I felt it was nicer than the one we had and less bulky. It has a safety so you can not cut your finger off and some people complained about that in the reviews. You simply need to keep pushing on the button for it to run. Unless you were carving ten roasts this would not be an issue. For normal sized family meals this electric carving knife is going to work out fine.

The knife plugs in and comes with a fork. It also comes with a case that I did not keep but it's a great deal for the money. You can click the photo to see a larger picture of the knife.

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