We are counting the days before Christmas Day. Christmas parties are everywhere. For those who are assigned or tasked to organize a Christmas party, whether in the office, or in school or in the family, one thing that would make the party alive is by organizing parlor games.

If you are still thinking what kind of games you can use in the Christmas party, I have provided here a list for you. This is my own list, I even renamed some of the names of the game:

1. Follow My Dance Move

2. Perfect Combination

3. Blow the plastic cap

4. Tiebox Relay

5. Pinoy Henyo ala Charade

6. Shoot the glass

7. Blindfold Banana Eating

8. Guess that Christmas Tune

9. Lemon Slam Dunk

10. Christmas Quiz and Spell

To know the mechanics of the game, check this link: shirgie-story.blogspot.com/2010/12/suggested-parlor-games-for-christmas.html

Please always bear in mind that happiness is the priority. Plan this with the vision to make everybody happy.