Ketoprak Jakarta consists of lontong (rice steamed in a very banana leaf), tofu, chopped up cabbage, mihun (thin grain noodles), plants sprouting up, chips and a marinade constructed from soil peanut in addition to hands mister converted to a new heavy insert, combined with chilli, sodium, garlic herb plus lovely soybean ketchup. It is marketed throughout specific helpings via small stalls as well as buggies across the road. Customers may well ask for that the plate become minor, medium as well as spicy. The value is around IDR 5. 000 to 10. 000 according to ingredients involved.

Ketoprak is often a common street-food/dish. It had been formerly well-known about the Jakarta region however offers spread through Java. It is virtually much like Lotek in addition to Karedok via Gulf Java, Gado-gado via Jakarta plus Pecel via Core Java, however the ingredients in the peanut gravies are wide and varied. Gado-gado in addition to Karedok just use brownish mister intended for sweetening, however lovely soy marinade is employed intended for extra sweetener throughout ketoprak, in addition to garlic herb is actually added in. Owner prepares the ingredients in your own home in addition to combinations all of them as you're watching consumers when they spot their own instructions.