I originally tried Dermae Psorzema Creme in a sample packet. I do not even know where I got the sample but I am glad I did. I tend to have sensitive skin and suffer from little patches of who knows what, that I am always battling. Often when I try a cream to help it ends up hurting because it is so harsh or has a fragrance that is irritating.

I loved Dermae Psorzema Creme from the time I opened it and did not smell any harsh fragrance.

+Dermea +Beauty +Skincare +Reviews The cream is very light and yet thick at the same time. When applied it goes on cool and as you massage it into your skin it disappears quickly. I felt it was soothing right away and did not leave myself feeling greasy. I have tried some creams that I apply and it makes my skin feel weird for hours. This one just goes right in and makes me skin feel soothed and normal.

I will continue to use Dermae Psorzema Creme and purchase another when this tub is empty. This is actually my second container because I gave the first to my daughter who tried it and loved it so much.

thanks for reading my review