Do you remember the 1980's ?
I'm 43 so my teen years were smack dab in the middle of them!
I have created a little collection of photos of things I remember very well. Some things as I look back are hysterically funny to me and some of them I miss.

Reminds me of the "Virginia Slims" cigarette motto - "You've come a long way baby!"

I will add some things here that I didn't make photos for--
Parachute Pants (I had them)
"Mork & Mindy" Tv show with Robin Williams-- Who would have thought he would be a super mega star for so many years in movies?
"Saved By The Bell" TV show (I wanted to be Zach Morris even though I was in my 20's lol) I actually cared for someone from the show for bulimia and anorexia when I worked in a psych hospital... very sweet girl.
Bon Jovi !!! "Shot through the heart... and youre to blame! darlin you give love a bad name!!" We used to cruise the mall in Phoenix blasting his album in my friends lowered Chevy Luv truck while trolling for hot "Rocker Chicks" haha

My oh my... I could go on but I will save some things for you to remember. Breakdancing.... Did you ever try this? DONT LIE!!
My friends and I used to go to the mall dragging cardboard behind us and a big "boombox" and then do our little performances outside the Video Arcade.

I think I was pretty okay at it actually for being a white boy!

Look at the photo.. boy we had issues in the fashion department, look how short that one guys shorts were!

The Rubiks Cube, I was never able to complete this but I had a friend who was 10yrs old and he could finish it in 10 minutes!
Any of you guys ever successfully complete it?

Then we have the Cellular Phone. What a shoe! I never really saw someone use one of these, only on TV. There were not too many wealthy people living in the ghetto where I lived.

Last we have the video game "Pong". I had a friend whose parents owned their own small business and he had all the best toys. We would often get yelled at by his mom and sent home for fighting over who was next to play lol

Lastly we have -
Joan Jett "Singin I love rock and roll!!" My mom and I used to sing this together (nice memory)

Miami Vice - I wasn't allowed to watch this because my parents saw it as being "too adult in nature sexually" uhhg But I was so envious of their clothes!

Madonna - "Like a virgin .. oh ! Touched for the very first time!" hahhaa YEAH RIGHT !