I know most of us are looking for the sites to earn money. Besides this one, I would like to know about those that I can do on my iPhone. I know they don't all have as much potential as some so, I am wanting to find those that can be achieved easily. I personally don't like doing surveys. I find that doing time filling one out is often denied before you get to get the money that you spent in time doing it just to be denied. I always think that they are getting the info out of you for free. They have questions that to some appear to just be preliminary but maybe are written to get other info free that way. I don't want the ones that are paid to click where you earn parts of a penny. I have a life.

Ones where we share info for companies is great providing they don't at some point try to pull the accounts like one we all did and had money earned on and they then decided to say we are only offering earnings to go to charity. That is all nice but what about the money I earned making them money? The response is well at some point we may open it back up where you can earn on top of what we owe you to make it to the balance you were shy just a few to cash out!!

I am looking for the money. I am willing to do the work but want to be paid for what I helped them earn. If you got some of the other kind....I would love you to share! thanks