All right, it's my turn. I see everyone who boasts about receiving their +Money from +Bubblews and I thought I wouldn't be one of the people to join in, but you know what? Why not? If I can get a couple of bucks because I am showing off my money to everyone, then so be it.

It took me quite a long time to get here, but now things are starting to go faster. I know which direction my writing needs to take here to make sure I get sufficient sums of money - I need to write exceptionally great articles and post them around. I need lots of tags that are relevant to my themes. And I want people to use my tags (I've already created a few - my most often used one is +VeganARA, and my best Bubblews buddy's is +Idealists).

So there. I did it. I got paid... well, the +Funds are still pending, but who cares? I'll be getting it soon.

Thanks to everyone who reads me because, obviously, without you, I wouldn't have this money.